Submission Criteria

Please remember to include in the email (not on your submission paper) your name, affiliation, contact email(s), telephone and fax (if applicable) so that we may be in contact with you during our decision making process. Pleas see below for anonymity criteria in the decision making process to ensure that any decision made regarding the publication of your work is reached in a fair and transparent manner.


The Galway Student Law Review is published in the Spring every year. The call for submissions for Volume 5 of the Galway Student Law Review are now open. The deadline for any submission is currently set at January 15th 2014.


The review does not restrict itself to a specialised body of law but seeks contributions from all branches of the law, be it domestic, European, international or transnational. From comparative to commercial law, a wide range of articles will be published.


Submissions are welcome from all law students, whether at undergraduate or graduate level, lecturers and professors, or indeed any person interested in the study of law. Papers are invited in any area of law for consideration by the Editorial Board.

Any student who has produced a piece of legal research work in the course of their legal studies or otherwise may also submit their work for consideration. This includes all essays and dissertations that have been produced and submitted to the author’s law school as part of the author’s coursework.


Articles that are compliant with the submission guidelines should be emailed to by the deadline. All submissions must also adhere to the style guide (see below).



The document containing the submitted article should not contain the author’s name or any other information that would allow the editorial board to discover the identity of the author. This is to ensure fairness in the editorial process.


All submissions must comply with the OSCALA or OSCOLA Ireland citation system. Please find the guide here.


All articles submitted must be original and plagiarism will not be tolerated. If there is any issue with regards to actual or possible plagiarism, the author will be contacted by the Board with a view to resolving this issue. The Galway Student Law Review reserves the right to reject any article that violates this principal.


  • Manuscripts should be between 1,500 and 10,000 words in length (not including footnotes/endnotes).
  • Languages accepted: English, Irish and French. All the authors of a paper should include their full names,  academic affiliations, telephone  and fax (if applicable/possible) in their email submission and not on the submission itself.
  • An abstract of 100-200 words should be submitted with all papers.


  • Papers should be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx). Final manuscripts should be double spaced, with page margins of 2.5cm (1”).
  • Headings should appear on separate lines. Do not use underlining (except for web addresses) or numbering.
  • All headings should  be left aligned  and  capitalised.
  • All text should be left aligned.
  • The OSCALA or OSCOLA Ireland style of referencing should be used.


  • Latin legal terms should be written in italic: de jure, ex parte, habeas corpus etc.
  • In other abbreviations, use a full stop after abbreviations which consist of a mixture of upper and  lower-case.
  • Spelling should conform to the new edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.
  • Use -ise, in preference to -ize as a verbal ending (e.g. realise, specialise, recognise, etc).
  • Use full stops after abbreviations (p.m., e.g., i.e., etc.) and after contractions where the end of the word is cut
  • Use single quotation marks for quoted material within the text.
  • In general, numbers up to ten should be spelled out, but use numerals for measurements (e.g. 6km) and ages.


  • For photos JPEG is generally the best format.  Photos should be  resized to a size suitable for  displaying on an A4 page.
  • You should ensure that you have the necessary permissions for reproducing photographs, maps, tables etc.